Why You Should Look for a Job in January

Why You Should Look for a Job in January

If your job search was stalled over the holidays, you may be in luck. An increase in hiring activity each January makes it the perfect month to find a new job. According to data from LinkedIn, January is the most popular month to make a job change. The data indicates that in January 2018, there were about 75% more job changes than any other month. Many employers know this and they tend to post many more jobs.

Companies Have New Budgets

For many companies, hiring becomes delayed in November and December as budgets are evaluated towards the end of the year. Once January comes around, most companies have a new hiring budget for the year and are prepared to begin hiring again. Usually in January, businesses have a backlog of jobs that need to be filled that have accumulated over the less active holiday months. This means there will be more roles and opportunities to choose from, and this abundance of jobs will increase your chance of finding the one that’s right for you.

Activity Increases After Holidays

While hiring slows at the end of the year because of budget evaluations, it also slows because more hiring managers and other decision makers are away from the office during the holiday season. As people return from vacation, hiring tends to pick up and the process can move faster with more hands on deck. With this in mind, January is a good time to apply for jobs in order to achieve a more timely hiring and onboarding process, whereas the holidays can cause hiring to move extremely slow. Increased activity in the office means an increase in hiring. This makes January a good time to apply.

New Year’s Resolution

According to a 2019 Inc. Survey, 16% of people resolve to find a new job this year. The new year is a perfect time for personal change. If you’ve been unhappy with your work and have dreaded talking about it with friends and family over the holidays, it may be time to set a resolution. Setting a concrete goal increases your chances of achieving your goal. Getting a new job is one of the top New Year’s resolutions for Americans each year. With an entire fresh year ahead, and increased job activity in January, the new year can be the excuse you need to set this goal for yourself.

Less Distractions

A job search is a commitment and requires a lot of time and energy. The holidays are filled with distractions including family gatherings and holiday related events. A job search can be challenging, and even more so towards the end of the year when stress is already high for many other reasons. After the holidays when there are less family obligations and activities filling your time, you are more able to focus your energy solely on your job search. For more information on how to keep your job search organized and efficient, you can read our article containing our best tips for keeping your job search on track.

Don’t let a slow December dishearten you and turn you away from your job search. January is the most popular month to switch jobs, and there are several reasons for that. With new hiring budgets, increased activity, and less distractions after the holidays, it’s a great time to make a change.

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