Why You Should Hire Temporary Employees in Today’s Market

Why You Should Hire Temporary Employees in Today’s Market

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there are currently more than 6.4 million unfilled jobs in the United States. Companies are experiencing increasing difficulty filling open jobs with qualified workers. Meanwhile there is a great deal of uncertainty in the global economy. Below are a few reasons why you should consider hiring temporary employees in the current market.


Perhaps the most important benefit of hiring temporary workers is the amount of flexibility that goes along with it. Temporary hiring can be beneficial in times of economic uncertainty. This is because temporary workers require relatively low commitment. Their contracts last temporarily which can be an advantage if there are changes in the market that would normally require downsizing or lay-offs. Hiring temporary employees can help you manage and control your labor expenses. Temporary agreements can be easily ended or extended as needed, or as the market changes.

Keep Business Running Smoothly During a Hiring Freeze

Hiring temporary workers can be a necessary solution to staffing during a company-wide hiring freeze. If employees leave during a hiring freeze, it can be extremely bad for your business and can spiral into an even worse situation. Being understaffed leads to even more turnover as well as burned-out and unhappy employees who are unable to keep up with the workload of missing team members. Bringing in temporary employees to fill in during a hiring freeze can help you to manage this issue before it gets out of hand. Temporary hires can help you hold on to your top employees when you can’t afford to lose them.

Fill in Gaps During Long Hiring Processes

It is becoming more difficult to find skilled workers to fill open positions, and the expenses of leaving positions unfilled can quickly add up. Luckily, hiring temporary employees often costs less than hiring for a permanent position. This means you can often save money by hiring a temporary staff to alleviate the burden of unfilled positions. This can be an excellent temporary fix and can buy you time for hiring permanently. And, if a temporary employee does well, you can offer them a permanent position at the end of their contract. This ensures that you are filling jobs with qualified workers while also saving the cost of searching for new candidates.

Strategic Temporary Hires

We expect layoff to increase, and more good workers will become available for temporary work. Because it is becoming so difficult to find skilled workers in today’s market, hiring temporary workers can be a good way to test candidates who may not already possess the skills and experience required for the position. In this way, you can bring in someone who may not exactly be perfect for the job, but you can try them out with relatively low risk. This allows for an opportunity to evaluate the employee in order to determine if they are a cultural match for the company, as well as if their skills can be expanded within the company to make up for what they might be lacking at the time they are hired. Employers can invest in the development of good temporary employees to ensure they are at the required level of training before offering them a temporary position. This can be an important new source of talent for many companies.

With 6.4 million unfilled positions in the U.S., employers are having to adjust their hiring strategy to fill jobs. Focusing hiring efforts on hiring temporary employees over permanent hires can be extremely helpful. Hiring temporary employees can cut costs and offers flexibility for the changing markets.

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