When is it Time to Hire HR Support?


When is it Time to Hire HR Support?

When you own your business or become a key executive, it may not always be easy to know when it’s time to hire HR support. Depending on your needs and company size, this support can range from part-time consultants, to full-time specialists, to office managers who handle HR functions. There are a few key indicators it’s time to put HR tasks in the hands of a dedicated person rather than do it all yourself. Below, we discuss 3 ways you will know it’s time to hire HR support.

Rule of 100

A common rule is to consider bringing on HR support after your company grows beyond 100 employees. Once your business grows to this size, communication becomes more difficult and employee relations are not as easily managed. There are also federal, state, and local employment laws that must be regulated, including FMLA once you grow to 50 employees. HR laws and regulations are always changing and it can be a challenge to keep up. The average cost to your business for an employee lawsuit is $125k including fees and settlement costs. To avoid these costs, it’s always best to consult an expert or bring on extra support for HR compliance. An expert can help you navigate these laws to reduce exposure to risk.

You Spend Too Much Time on HR Tasks

Many C-level executives spend a great deal of time on HR-related matters. Consider tracking how much time you spend each day on HR tasks. Imagine using that time to focus your efforts on bigger-picture tasks that will help you to grow your business. By hiring HR support to manage employee relations and other HR tasks, you can increase your own productivity and make better use of your time. If the increase in revenue as a result of your efforts would outweigh the cost of hiring HR support, it’s time to seriously consider investing in someone who can lessen the burden of employee related issues.

Roles Become Specialized

Once your business starts to grow, the organization of your business begins to change. This can often be used as a way to judge whether or not you are ready to hire dedicated HR support. Usually a business starts out with a staff of general employees who take on a variety of tasks in an “all hands on deck” style. Then, when a business experiences growth, they see their staff shift towards more specialized roles in charge of a more specific range of tasks. At this point of maturity in a business, a company should hire employees who specialize in a specific role in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

Every business is different and has unique challenges and needs. There is no universal answer to the question of when to hire HR support. In our experience, these three indicators could help you decide when the time is right for your own business. Hiring a consultant or employee dedicated to HR support could be key to the growth and health of your company.

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