Turning the Tables: Using Personality Tests to Size Up Your Interviewer


Turning the Tables: Using Personality Tests to Size Up Your Interviewer

Personality tests are widely used across every industry. Consider this: you can actually use this approach to read your interviewer!  One of the most frequently used personality tests is the DISC assessment.  You can identify your interviewer’s DISC style and provide answers in a manner that is appealing to his or her personality.  Here is a crash course on how to recognize and approach each behavioral style to help you win the position you’re seeking.

D Style

The D Style personality will come across as very no-nonsense. Few pleasantries will be exchanged before they dive right in with very direct questions. You should be ready to give concrete examples of your achievements, including increases in sales or profits that can be directly attributed to your efforts. Let them take the wheel; they’re comfortable in the driver’s seat.  Be concise and decisive in your responses. It will be important to toe the line between appearing strong and capable, and letting them take the alpha role. If you can strike this delicate balance, and convey your hard skills, you’ll probably get a second interview.

I Style

Someone who is an I Style personality will probably greet you with a big smile and hearty hand shake. They may even make jokes to help lighten the mood. They may choose to conduct the interview in a group, as opposed to alone, but as long as they are driving the process, you can expect a slightly more relaxed approach. That doesn’t mean you should take an informal tone. Represent yourself professionally and maturely. You can feel more comfortable showing excitement about the opportunity, and enthusiasm when speaking about your past experience. Highlighting instances where you were part of a successful team, or led one would most likely appeal to this personality style.

S Style

Individuals who assess in this category will not be as easy to spot right away. Their inherent traits are more reserved and thoughtful. They will let you take your time to answer questions and form thoughts, so take the time to prepare well. Give them the same courtesy in return. S types will establish a rapport with you before getting down to business. Be sure to keep a professional tone for the meeting. Don’t overshare. Demonstrate that you are genuinely grateful for their time and attention, and you’re likely to leave on a high note.

C Style

One look at your interviewer’s desk might tell you if they are a C personality. Organization is one very tangible trait. He or she will probably reveal themselves as very inquiring early on. Be detailed and specific in your responses. Instead of vague references, provide real-life examples of ways that you solved a problem, met a difficult deadline, or impressed a hard-to-please client. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and your job history is accurate. The C personality will check every box.

While recognizing the key personality traits of your interviewer can be indispensable, you can also utilize your own assessment results to provide responses that focus on concrete examples of how your personality can be a good fit for a job. For example, if your assessment says that you lean toward an I style, you might describe a time when you were able to motivate a team to meet a specific goal or challenge. Knowing your own behavioral traits can help you play to your strengths and better package yourself to others, long after the interview is over. Being perceptive to the personality traits of others can help you relate to them on a level that makes them comfortable as well, and will inevitably create the best environment for you to showcase the best attributes that you bring to the table.

Find out more about the DISC assessment, and take the test: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/disc/

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