Top 5 Ways to Avoid Offer Rejections

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Offer Rejections

  1. Ensure a proper reason for leaving their current job. This shouldn’t be simply about the money. The new position should offer something that their current job does not.
  2. Avoid low ball offers. Ask an expert, or research what a correct salary bump should look like. According to The Wall Street Journal, about 5.6% is a typical pay increase. Low ball offers are not only insulting, but gives a candidate a warning signal not to take an offer.
  3. Ensure that your online reputation is squeaky clean. Candidates will turn down job offers after simply reading online reviews on job sites. If there are negative reviews about your company, address them and spend time to generate positive PR.
  4. A job search is very stressful. Make sure that you know everyone involved in the applicant’s decision making process. A spouse, friend or relative can have a big impact on the decision. Involve this person in the job search. Invite them to company events and get them on board with the change.
  5. Give each candidate homework. Ask a candidate to fill out forms, answer questions, complete a writing sample, etc. Candidates who are serious about the opportunity will gladly take the time to complete these exercises. Candidates who are not serious will be screened out of the process.

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