Top 5 Things Not to Share During an Interview


Top 5 Things Not to Share During an Interview

An interview is an opportunity to impress your potential employer and highlight the things that make you a great candidate. However, there are certain topics that should be avoided in order to give you the best possible chances of getting hired. Below are the top 5 things you shouldn’t share during an interview.

1. Negative Feedback on Previous Employer
It’s never a good idea to bring negativity into a job interview. You should always approach an interview with a positive attitude and answer questions with optimism. Too much negativity about your previous employer or experience will leave your interviewer with a bad impression and hurt your chances at winning the job. When speaking about your former employers, always maintain professional boundaries and focus on highlighting the positive aspects of your experience. Try to spin a negative experience into something you have learned from.

2. Political Views
A job interview is not the place to share political ideas. It’s always a good idea to keep your political affiliation under wraps in a professional setting. Politics can be extremely divisive and can easily scare away professional opportunities. Your interviewer might not agree with your beliefs, and a difference in opinion could ruin your chances of being considered for a job. Even if your beliefs align, a political conversation will distract from your qualifications and experience as a candidate. An interview is an opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer and is not the time or place for political conversations.

3. Side Jobs (Career Conflict)
It’s common for people to have an extra source of income or a job on the side, including selling cosmetics, jewelry, antiques, etc. An interviewer may see this activity as a conflict to your work within the company. They may assume that your attention will be divided at that your side job will be a distraction from your primary career. These concerns could distract from the qualifications that are relevant to the full-time position you are looking for. It may not be the best idea to highlight your experience with sales, for example, while interviewing for a full-time job that requires skills and experience unrelated to those required for your side job.

4. Unwillingness to Work Outside of Office Hours
A firm unwillingness to work overtime can turn many interviewers away. Your employer wants to know that you will be committed enough to your work that you would be willing to finish tasks outside of office hours from time to time. This may not be a regular expectation, but many employers want to know that they can count on you in a pinch. In a job interview, voicing your unwillingness to do so will make you seem inflexible and uncommitted, and an interviewer may seek out a candidate who is more flexible.

5. Goals that Don’t Align with the Company
During an interview, it’s always a good idea to be more conservative with your personal goals and only share aspirations that relate to your work with the company. For example, you are probably better off not sharing your dream to quit your job and travel the world. When asked about your 5-year plan, you may want to avoid saying it includes leaving the company for a different job. Only share goals with your prospective company in mind, and be sure to align your career aspirations with potential opportunities within the company. This will keep interviewers from discounting you as a candidate who lacks stability and career focus.

It’s important to be mindful of what information you share during a job interview. Some things are best left private. By avoiding these 5 topics during the interview phase, you can help your chances by focusing all of your interviewer’s attention on your qualifications for the role.

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