Top 5 List for what Makes Happy Employees

Top 5 List for what Makes Happy Employees

72% of people say respect for all employees at all levels is very important to them to be satisfied in their current position. Although, only 33% of people are currently happy at work according to SHRM.

Below is the top 5 list for what makes happy employees:

  1. Treating employees with respect. Respect from leaders and peers can improve the employees’ health and well being; greater enjoyment and satisfaction in their current position; as well as greater focus and prioritization of work. The last thing an employee wants is to feel like they are in a bad office parody movie.
  2. Trusting management.  Along with respectful treatment of employees, trust in leaders of the company is extremely important for job satisfaction. Only 28% of people are satisfied with the trust they currently have with their senior management. If employees trust management, employees will be more innovative and creative which will create high performers for the organization.
  3. Overall benefits. Paid time off, health care and medical benefits, and flexibility to balance life and work issues are the top benefits that the employee needs according to the Employment Job Satisfaction Survey from SHRM. Offering benefits to employees can boost employee loyalty. This comes at a time when many employers are dramatically changing benefit plans to comply with the Affordable Care Act.
  4. Compensation and pay. Compensation and pay are important for recruitment, motivation, and retention of employees. Employees will work harder for the company if they feel that the profits are being shared with them as well. If the other elements of job satisfaction are missing, other factors will overrule pay increases.
  5. Job security. 59% of people state that job security is very important to them in the SHRM job satisfaction survey. Fear of losing a job is the cause of why 15% of people seek new positions. If an employee does not feel secure in their position, they will have a hard time performing at their best. High turnover rates cause a sense of irritability and anxiety among a workforce.

If the employees are happy in the organization you will have a more efficient workforce. Also, The company will reap the benefits on your company’s performance.

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