Top 4 Capitalization Rules for your Resume

Top 4 Capitalization Rules for your Resume

5 to 7 seconds on average is the amount of time you have to impact a recruiter or hiring manager with your resume. ( Grammar plays an important part in making that first impression.
Take a look at our 4 capitalization rules for your resume:
1) Job titles. When you are listing your job experience on your resume, the titles should be capitalized. Although, if you are not speaking about a specific role, but generic titles they should not be capitalized.
– Example: Human Resources Director at X-Company from January 2000 to January 2015.
– Example: I am applying for the human resources director position within your company.
2) Proper nouns. Company names and names of people should always be capitalized. Although, if you state that you have worked for a pharmaceutical company, but make a general statement then you do not capitalize.
3) States and locations. When it comes to abbreviations for States, Pennsylvania as PA should always be capitalized. If you are speaking about a specific location such as working at the Philadelphia Art Museum you capitalize it. Although, if you state that you are traveling to an art museum, you do not capitalize it.
4) Software, certifications, and degrees. If you are giving specific names of software, certifications, and degrees than you should capitalize the first letter of the words. Abbreviations of degrees should always be capitalized.

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