Quick Tips for the Top 4 Hiring Headaches


Quick Tips for the Top 4 Hiring Headaches

Hiring is a full-time job even when everything goes smoothly. But in our experience, we know well that certain problems can crop up and make hiring more difficult. Here are some of our tips on how to help and avoid some of the most common hiring headaches that we encounter.

Extreme Hiring Speed

Speed of hiring has been increasingly important in the tight labor market, and employers have had to hire faster in order to keep top candidates. In our experience the best candidates receive offers in 2-3 weeks. Bersin HR Insights reports that the best candidates are off the market within 10 days. And, according to a survey by USA Today, businesses report losing 20-50% of applicants during the hiring process. Have a set process with a set number of interviews that will last no more than 3 weeks. Be sure all of your managers will be available to complete the interview process before you schedule the first one.


As more top employees choose to leave their jobs for better opportunities, counter-offers have become more common. Employers want to keep their strongest employees, and often they will try to negotiate for them to stay. It’s important to come in with a strong offer in order to combat this, and have a discussion about why the candidate should not accept a counter-offer. According to national surveys, 80% of employees who accept a counter-offer leave their employer within 6 months. It is important to remind applicants of this to discourage them from agreeing to a counter-offer. However, sometimes there’s no way to prevent a good candidate from accepting a counter-offer. It’s always a good idea to have a back-up candidate for when this particular problem arises.

Unrealistic Salary Expectations

According to Forbes, the average salary boost employees receive when making a job change is 10-20%. In our experience, some candidates are asking for 32%+ salary increases. When it comes to candidates who want an unrealistic increase in their current salary, it’s best to set expectations beforehand. Have a concrete salary range for the job you want to fill while leaving room for increases in the future. It’s important to stay firm on salary even if it means disqualifying candidates at the top of your range. However, top candidates may be willing to accept less of an increase if the job comes with good benefits. According to our Local Candidate Survey in 2018, some of the most desirable job benefits include medical/health benefits, and flexibility—including the opportunity to work from home. By striking a balance between setting realistic expectations and offering competitive benefits, you are less likely to lose top candidates.

Misrepresentation on Resumes

A Harris Corporation survey says 60% of employers have discovered inaccurate information on a resume. Inaccuracies on a resume is a hiring headache that may not be obvious to detect until later in the hiring process, after you’ve already invested time in a candidate. Background checks, reference checks, and employment verifications are all important parts of the hiring process that will help you detect misrepresented information on a resume. In order to deter candidates from including inaccurate information about their employment history, it’s important to let them know that you will be verifying this information at the beginning of your process. Candidates are less likely to risk misrepresentation if they know you’ll be looking into it.

These hiring headaches are common, especially in a tight labor market. By taking the necessary steps to prevent them, you can avoid some of these problems and save time and resources otherwise spent on a rocky hiring process.

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