Quick Guide: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Quick Guide: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Whether you are searching for a job or happy in your current profession, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is vitally important to expand your professional network. Our quick guide shares the top things professionals focus on when reviewing your LinkedIn profile.

  • Include a professional profile picture and cover photo.

Getting a professional head shot is ideal when it comes to a LinkedIn profile photo. Although, if you are unable to get it professionally done make sure it is not any of these types of shots we wrote about in our blog posting “5 Tips to Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Picture From Hurting Your Job Search”.

To choose a cover photo to make sure it is not similar to your Facebook cover photo. This photo should be a background scene picture, related to your current job position, or related to your LinkedIn summary to create a personal brand.


Photo from HubSpot click here to read their article on LinkedIn.

  • Search engine optimize your profile.

Adding a custom URL that is your name or similar and using keywords throughout your profile can help with searching on LinkedIn or Google. Use keywords that relate to the work that you currently do in your professional headline and your summary.

  • Add top achievements in your summary.

When a hiring professional or recruiter looks at your profile, their eyes scan through the summary. The summary should tell your personal story in a brief format as well as your top achievements. Use facts and numbers if possible as well as certifications and awards that you are proud of.

  • Add a bullet format.

In your summary and throughout your LinkedIn use a bullet format to help recruiters easily read the profile. Place the formula in front of the text that you want in that format. Then save your profile and it will automatically add bullets. The formula is: •

  • Show work examples.

Showing work examples further explain what you were doing in each job position. It also shows proof of what you are capable of as well as writing examples. Adding work examples also breaks up text in your profile and shows more interesting visuals.

  • Fill out your profile completely.

Treat your LinkedIn profile as your resume or job application. This might be your first impression to a hiring manager or recruiter. To ensure your best first impression, it is best to fill out as much information as possible in your profile.

  • Get endorsed for your skills and ask for recommendations.

What better way to prove to a hiring manager that what you say you can do, is actually what you can do? Have your LinkedIn connections endorse you and recommend you as an individual or your previous job experience. The more endorsements of your skills and recommendations you have, the better chance you have to hear a call for job positions. Are you wondering how to get endorsements? Give endorsements yourself! Many of your connections will then go to your profile and endorse your skills!

6-rearrange-sectionsPhoto from HubSpot click here to read their article on LinkedIn.

  • Blog directly on the LinkedIn post.

If you enjoy writing or currently blog, this is an excellent way to share your work! LinkedIn users can follow your articles and this can increase the amount of people viewing your profile.

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