Is Permanent, Permanent? Top 5 Ways Contract Work Can Benefit You

Is Permanent, Permanent? Top 5 Ways Contract Work Can Benefit You

According to, the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times (with an average of 12 job changes) during their career. Candidates who like flexibility or are looking to fill gaps on their resume should highly consider contract working assignments. Contract work can be considered from working for a few days to years with a company.

Here are the top reasons how contract assignments can benefit you:

1) Learning new skills for your next position. In a contract position, you can grow your skill set by learning new software, keeping up with software changes, customer service skills, administrative skills, or job specific skills. This can vary depending on the duration of the contract position and the type of position.

2) Resume booster. When you partake in an interview for your next job, having contract work with those new skills can be a huge benefit. With the average number of 12 jobs per career, having a contract assignment for a few months does not look out of the norm.

3) It is easier to find a job while working. This is because of the stigma that someone who is out of work could be a bad hire or they are too eager to find a position. People new to their job search had a call back rate of just above 16% vs. people who have been out of work for 6 months with a 2.4% callback rate according to This is a dramatic difference.

4) Start making money immediately. In the current market, it can easily take 40+ days to go through a company’s interview process.  Many of our temporary positions start within several days’ time.

5) Conversion to Direct Hire. Each year, 50% of our contract assignments turn into direct hire positions. Often times, companies create new positions for candidates that are a custom fit for their skillset.  Because of the conversion percentage, it is crucial to take a contract position as seriously as a long term career option.


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