Not Like the Others: Tips for Choosing an Experienced Staffing Firm

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Not Like the Others: Tips for Choosing an Experienced Staffing Firm

According to the American Staffing Association, there are nearly 750 staffing firms in Pennsylvania. These agencies vary in nature from large national agencies and overseas companies to smaller, privately held firms. Clients can choose between those firms that provide more of a resume brokerage type of approach, to those that deliver a full service consultation and staffing service. These varying agencies also staff a broad array of jobs, from industrial laborer to chief executive. Here are 4 core qualifications you can use to select a firm that will present quality candidates quickly and produce results for your organization.

They Understand that the Screening Process is Paramount

Experienced recruiters have tried and true procedures to qualify candidates through multiple layers of screening. They focus not just on matching key words in a resume, but have the experience that allows them to recognize those candidates that are not just “good on paper.”  Skilled recruiters have the capability to match a candidate’s “soft skills” with an organization. Adding a new employee to your organization can be disruptive if that employee doesn’t possess the right personality traits and demeanor to make them a good fit in your office culture. Conducting in-person interviews is a huge part of how professional recruiters are able to match candidates using more than just hard skills. This is a technique that takes many years and a great deal of experience to master. This level of proficiency in matching candidates and clients leads to better long term placements and high retention rates.

They Have Experience in Different Job Markets

Veteran recruiters have been through several job market types. They follow industry trends and can adjust their processes in response to a candidate-driven market or a client-driven market. A skilled recruiter will advise their clients on how to best modify internal processes in each market. They have both active and passive systems to generate candidate leads in any type of job market.

They Know How to Build Candidate Relationships

Experienced recruiters take the time to create and maintain candidate relationships. In some instances, candidates may need guidance if they’ve been out of the workforce for a while, or haven’t yet honed their interview skills. Seasoned recruiters see the value in mentoring certain candidates, preparing them to interview, and providing them with career advice.  According to the American Staffing Association, 9 out of 10 staffing employees would say they were satisfied with their agency. In fact, 41% said they were extremely satisfied.  By expressing genuine concern for, and attention to a candidate’s needs, that recruiter establishes a rapport that continues long after placement. This practice leads to more candidate referrals and a more plentiful talent pool to fill client needs.

They Specialize in Real Recruiting, a.k.a. Headhunting

According to Statistic Brain (LinkedIn, Wall Street Journal, Statistic Brain Research Institute, U.S. Department of Labor, Monster, Indeed, Bureau of Labor Statistics are counted as sources), 35.5% of jobs are filled from job boards. That means more than 60% are filled in other ways; most likely through referrals and good, old fashioned, grassroots recruiting. While job boards like Careerbuilder and Indeed are very important tools for recruiters, they are not without issue.  A seasoned recruiter knows where job boards fall short and how to compensate.  A large percentage of candidates have resumes posted on job boards, however, they are not all actively looking for other opportunities. Some job posting sites don’t allow candidates to remove their resumes once gainfully employed. You may be locating candidates that don’t really want to be found. A more common scenario illustrates how a veteran recruiter can be invaluable: Let’s say you find that ideal candidate, but they are happy in a permanent positon. They may be reluctant to explore other job offers. An experienced recruiter can present your company in a manner that conveys to the candidate exactly what you’re offering; a fabulous opportunity with a reputable organization.

In a market that is as candidate-centric as ever, and entry-level talent is notably scarce, an experienced, reputable recruiting firm can bridge the gap between presenting the best quality candidates, and doing it quickly so that your organization can get back to business.


Bradley Staffing Group is a full-service staffing firm based in Wayne, PA. We are committed to matching A-level talent with best-in-class businesses. Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff brings a combined 70+ years of staffing experience to our clients and candidates alike.


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