How to: Staff your Thanksgiving!

How to: Staff your Thanksgiving!

1) Hire a Turkey Carver. Hiring a turkey carver can give you more free time to be with your family. This will ensure the maximum amount of meat yielded per turkey.

2) Recruit a Food Analyst. Who is going to ration the leftovers? It is time to recruit a food analyst to handout equal portions to your family and friends.

3) Identify a TV Referee. Identifying a TV Referee not only increases family time, but can also help with dividing time between different football games for your sports fans!

4) Hire a Dishwasher. Let’s face it, after a delicious dinner; no one wants to wash dishes. Our solution, hire a dishwasher so you don’t have to face a daunting cleanup of pots pans and the dreaded roasting pan.


For your Thanksgiving staffing needs, don’t give us a call! We will be with our friends and families.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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