How to Convert Your Temporary Job to Direct Hire

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How to Convert Your Temporary Job to Direct Hire

A temporary assignment can sometimes act as trial run for both you and your employer. During an assignment you learn as much about the company as the company learns about you as an employee. If there is a good fit in personality and culture, and you excel in your temporary role, your chances of landing a direct hire job are high. While a good staffing agency should tell you upfront whether or not a direct hire is possible, your time with the company can be used to prove yourself invaluable and increase your chances. Read our tips on what you can do in an effort to convert your temporary job to a direct hire role.

Maintain Communication with Staffing Agency

A good staffing agency should be honest with you about the possibility of converting to direct hire before you accept an assignment, and your first step should be to verify that it’s even possible. We have heard from candidates that this doesn’t always happen at the beginning of the assignment. It’s also extremely important to remain in contact with your staffing agency in order to receive updates on how things are progressing. Your recruiter should be able to tell you how you are performing and whether or not a direct hire opportunity is a possibility. It’s best not to push your managers for this information and work with your staffing agency instead. Asking over and over can be distracting for managers and can also give the impression that you are pushy or desperate. It’s important to be patient and to remain focused on your job performance.

Act Like You Work There

When you begin your temporary assignment it’s important to put in your very best work if you hope to secure a position when your assignment ends. Sometimes a temporary assignment serves as a long job interview. It’s important to be 100% reliable, take an interest in your work, and to approach the assignment with enthusiasm and commitment. Postponing your job search and taking your resume offline shows that you are committed to the company and that you are not interested in seeking opportunities elsewhere. Instead, use that energy towards your job performance during your temporary assignment to really impress your managers. This could increase the odds of receiving an offer when your assignment comes to an end.

Go Above and Beyond

Taking on additional tasks can help you establish your role within the company. Not only are you going above and beyond in your job duties, you are also showing your value as a potential permanent employee. Going into a job with the mindset that you are only temporarily useful will limit the impact you could have on the company. Instead, think of what you can do in order to become an employee that would be difficult to lose. You want to make sure that you are making a significant enough impact on the company so that your absence would be felt. Going above and beyond can help you establish a role for yourself so that you become someone who would be difficult to replace.

Build Relationships

Treat a temporary assignment as a networking opportunity. Building strong professional relationships with your colleagues and managers could help you secure your position. By building relationships, you are positioning yourself within the company and showing that you fit well with the culture. It’s important to be visible within the company, make friends, and show that you get along well with your team. The more friendly and well-known you are, the more missed you would be at the end of your assignment. It’s always valuable to build relationships and keep in touch for future opportunities.

Converting a temporary assignment into a direct hire position requires a lot of hard work. It’s essential to leave your company with a lasting impression and a feeling that you would be difficult to replace. By going above and beyond during your temporary assignment, you might have a chance at receiving an offer once your assignment ends. Your staffing agency can assist in your efforts and help you to achieve your goal of converting to a direct hire position.

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