Breaking These 5 Interview Etiquette Rules Could Cost You an Offer

Breaking These 5 Interview Etiquette Rules Could Cost You an Offer

  1. Addressing business superiors incorrectly. When addressing supervisors or someone else in your company, it is important to know how to properly address your supervisor. It’s best to use their last name preceded by the title “Mr.” “Ms,” “Miss” or “Mrs.” according to
  2. Introduce yourself with your full name. Especially since this is most likely the first time you are meeting your interviewer, you should introduce yourself with your full name. Although, we recommend leaving out your middle name. This can also help make your interview more memorable and build your personal brand of identifying yourself.
  3. Keep personal items off the table. Keep your personal items such as your cellphone, wallet, purse, and more off of the table. Placing those items next to you or under your chair will insure safe keeping and you will look more professional.
  4. Always initiate the handshake if you are introducing yourself during the interview. Along with the handshake, if someone new enters the room, stand up from your chair to properly introduce yourself. This can be taken as a sign of respect for the professional entering the room.
  5. If you forget someone’s name, it’s OK to admit it. Everyone forgets someone else’s name at some point. Stating “I’m sorry, I have forgotten your name?” is a great way to gain that information. Although, make sure you research before the interview to prevent this from happening.

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