7 Things That Will Chase Top Talent Away From Your Company

7 Things That Will Chase Top Talent Away From Your Company

Top talent can tend to be hard to find in this current market. It is the best job market for recent grads in many years. Below are seven things that will chase top talent away from your company:

  • Offering jobs not careers

Top talent wants more than just a job; they want a lifestyle/career. Having a job can be perceived as just working to receive a paycheck. Employees who want to have a career, not a job tend to be more engaged employees. Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity. (Workplace Research Foundation) The solution would be to design a career track that would allow for an increase in responsibility, title and advancement as time progresses. If the career position has a dead end, the employee will look elsewhere for advancement.

  • Boring career advertisements

Career advertisements are meant to catch the attention of top talent. If your advertisement does not appeal to your candidate audience, it will stop many of them from applying even if they would be a perfect fit for the position. Base your career advertisements off your company brand and how the position can benefit the candidate’s career advancement. Additionally, there are two different types of job descriptions. One being the HR description and the attraction based version that is designed for the open market.

  • Poor online reviews

One of the first things candidates will do before the interview is to take a look at company reviews. These reviews can come from a variety of sources such as Google, Glassdoor, Yelp, and so on. Top candidates will take a look at reviews, and if they are extremely low, they most likely will not continue with the interview process. Hiring a marketing advisor can help to communicate your message appropriately to the job market.

  • Mistakes on your website

A company’s website is one of the first selling aspects to a perspective top candidate. If the company’s website is out of date, has spelling mistakes, or is not appealing to the candidate, it could turn them away from continuing the interview process.

  • Sketchy office space

Top candidates will know the difference between a stable company and a company who is unstable. Here are a few signs of a sketchy office space:

  1. The name is not on the outside of the office building
  2. There is no known address of the business because it moves so often
  3. The office space does not have pictures on the wall
  4. The office space is not properly maintained and cleaned.
  • Lawsuits

Now, to figure out of a company has lawsuits against them it is a few clicks of a computer mouse. According to cna.com, almost 75% of all litigation against corporations today involves employment disputes. Over 40% of these lawsuits are filed against smaller employers (15 – 100 employees). Lawsuits will almost certainly chase top candidates away from your company.

  • Sloppy interview process

Many employers don’t realize how many choices top candidates have. We have recently seen that top 1% candidates are choosing between eight to ten opportunities within the current market. In order to be a top choice, you must look professional to these candidates.  The candidate may make assumptions that your company is not organized if you do not have a standardized process with in-depth questions. If your interview process does not give feedback, has no organization, and keeps candidates waiting, you will most likely lose top candidates to your competitors.

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