6 Ways To Derail Your Interview

6 Ways To Derail Your Interview

  • Talking negatively about a previous employer

Employers would expect confidentiality and professionalism after leaving a position.  If you speak about an old employer in a bad light, they may be concerned about you doing the same with their company. You may also be portrayed as a negative person who could hurt your chances of being offered the position.

  • Not coming prepared and not asking questions

Not coming prepared to an interview is a huge mistake. Many companies will ask you situational questions about their personal business and if you don’t have the background knowledge to give them, you may not be asked back for a second round. During the interview, write down the things that interest you. This will show the interviewer that you are interested in what they are saying. Asking questions are necessary to figure out if you are a fit for their organization. Write down questions before and during the interview that you can ask.

  • Using your cellphone during the interview

Make sure to turn your cell phone completely off. This could prevent a bad situation where you forget to put your phone on silent, or it will stop you from playing with while waiting for the interview. We would suggest for you not to ask about plugging in your phone during the interview to power your phone. It can come off to an interviewer as unprofessional.

  • Dominating the interview

An interview should be a back and forth conversation. If you feel that you are potentially dominating the interview, ask the interviewer a question back from their question. This can open up a new topic of conversation. Also, be aware that you are not interrupting when the interviewer is speaking. Take a few seconds after they make a statement or ask a question to make sure they are finished speaking.

  • Stretching the truth

Let’s say that you put on your resume that you have Excel experience. During the interview, the interviewer starts asking you specific excel questions. State the information that you know, but try not to state that you know how to do something if you do not. Many companies use tests to determine your skill level with technical jobs. This will tell them if you are stretching the truth or not.The Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) suggests to all employers that they should not continue on with an interview process if a candidate fabricates any information verbal or written.

  • You have a negative attitude

You might be coming across with a negative or angry attitude in your interview. Employers may ask you situational interview questions which will give them more details about your personality and attitude. Stay positive with your job search as well as your outlook on life and this should prevent a negative attitude from formulating.

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