5 Ways to Tell if Your Employees are Interviewing

5 Ways to Tell if Your Employees are Interviewing

Each year the average company loses 20-50% of its employee base according to Bain & Company.  Employee turnover is a costly problem for the majority of companies.  There are several signs that people from your company are actively interviewing.


The following is how to tell if your employee is interviewing:


1) Decreased productivity and employee engagement.

It is never a good sign when employees are disengaged.  Not only does this cost a great deal to the company, it can indicate that employees are conducting a job search and looking to move on from their company.


2) Answering private calls during work hours.

Answering private calls is known to happen at most companies.  Although, the issue is when it is consistent and the employee is very “hush-hush” as to whom they are speaking with.   Employees often take calls for phone interviews during the work day.


3) Taking more time off

Particularly taking a day or half day on short notice. Employees who are take leave during busy times can be a sign that they do not want to participate in the hard work and are disengaged from the company.  It can also be a sign of interviews being scheduled during the day.


4) Posting resumes on job boards

If your Human Recourses team finds employees who recently posted their resume on any job board, they are most likely trying to gain interviewing activity. Be careful of the post date, it could be an old resume previously posted.


5) Increased LinkedIn activity

LinkedIn job searches are increasing as well as recruitment activity. If your employee has posted and updates lots of information at one time, this could be a sign that employees are interviewing.


The number one reason why employees leave companies is because of their relationships with their bosses or managers. The best thing to do is to identify these issues and address them to not lose your top performers. Click here to find out more information about why employees leave companies.

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