5 Ways Living A Healthy Lifestyle Can Impact Your Career

5 Ways Living A Healthy Lifestyle Can Impact Your Career

Your health is crucial to your career. How do you ask? Take a look at our top 5 ways living a healthy lifestyle can impact your career:

  • Makes you more alert, awake and happy.

Multiple cups of coffee each day may be delicious and wake you up, but exercising and eating healthy could have the same impact. Exercising and eating healthy can boost productivity at work because you can be more alert and awake. When you exercise, Dopamine (a chemical that plays a role in happiness) is released which will increase your happiness.

  • Prevents Illness.

Being healthy can help reduce chances of you taking sick days off from work. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can minimize the chance of you getting influenza or the common cold.

  • Gives you more confidence.

Working out regularly and eating healthy develops strength for both your body and mind. Livestrong.com explains when you exercise; your brain releases serotonin that helps you feel better and improves your state of mind. Regular exercise also helps decrease feelings of anxiety and depression.

  • Fights insomnia.

If you feel drowsy or that you are falling asleep during your meeting at work exercising may be the answer. Sleeping is imperative for your body to function each day correctly. A study found that 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a week, which is the national guideline, provided a 65 percent improvement in sleep quality.(Sleepfoundation.org) According to besthealthmag.caresearchers found that getting just four hours of sleep may impair the body’s use of insulin by up to 25 percent. This increases the risk of type two diabetes.

  • Builds connections.

Let’s say you are in an interview and notice the person interviewing you is holding a CrossFit cup and you also participate in CrossFit. Now you can connect with your interviewer on a personal level which may get you one step closer to getting the job. If you are a part of a gym, studio, or even exercise around your neighborhood, you can meet lots of different people. This can help build your network of connections to move into a different career. You never know who you may meet!

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