5 Ways to Keep Your Company Holiday Party Under Control

5 Ways to Keep Your Company Holiday Party Under Control

‘Tis the season for holiday parties!  According to metro.us, 78% of employers think holiday parties are an important part of company culture. Although, companies have to take important steps in ensuring a positive holiday party experience for everyone.

Take a look at our 5 ways to keep your holiday party under control:

  1. “Where” and “when” does affect how your employees act. Having an early evening or afternoon holiday party can encourage a more business like environment. Holding the holiday party somewhere other than your company building is a great idea to increase attendance. But, be weary of having your holiday party at a bar on a Friday or Saturday night. This may increase your HR issues.
  2. Remind everyone of employee standards. Even though this is a holiday party, it is still a work party. Company anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies all still apply for company events and should be known by employees.
  3. If you serve alcohol, consider hiring a highly experienced bartender. Give them instructions to “slow down” people who are drinking too much.  We have all seen the online videos that take place after a few too many drinks at the Holiday Party.  In addition, make sure that you have an arrangement with a taxi company, or cab service that will be able to give rides to employees.
  4. Keep social media in check and have a social media policy. Encourage employees to only post photos and videos that are a good representation of your company brand image. Also ensure no one is answering customer calls or emails while under the influence of alcohol.
  5. Consider other options for a Holiday Party. We recently heard of a local company who is planning to volunteer for a local charity instead of having a nighttime holiday party.

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