5 Reasons You Need to Hire Millennials NOW


5 Reasons You Need to Hire Millennials NOW

We meet with many companies who do not have an effective strategy for hiring and retaining millennial employees. Millennials officially makeup 53% of the labor workforce and not having such strategies in place will effectively cut off access to over half of the entire job market. Here are a few tips to help with your hiring strategy.

Tech Savvy

Millennials’ learning curve for technology is not steep. Millennials have been working on workplace technology skills since elementary school. Millennials do not remember a time without technology. You can gain new ideas for how to improve your business based off of new technology advances that only millennials know about. Along with being tech savvy, millennials are also huge social advocates for your business. They will share with their friends if they enjoy their job, post about it on social outlets, and encourage friends to apply to your organization.

They Want to Grow with You

52% of millennials are attracted to organizations that offer opportunities for career growth and personal development – Candidateguru.com. They want to train and learn with your company. It is important to offer those learning opportunities to attract and retain millennials.

Highly Educated

48% of millennials have at the least completed a bachelor’s degree. Compared to the baby boomer generation where only 31% at least completed a bachelor’s degree or higher (pewresearch.org). Most millennials understand that to get their ideal job position, continuous learning opportunities, certifications, and degrees are how they will get there.


Millennials as a whole enjoy a collaborative team environment. With all of the technology advances they have lived with, they are extremely social. Due to this, they also make highly effective managers who are able to communicate what needs to be done in a fashion that other millennials understand. 74% of millennials prefer to collaborate in small groups (forbes.com).

Diversity in the Workforce

Succession planning is extremely important for the future health and stability of a company. If you have a company that is filled with the baby boomer generation or Generation X employees, what happens when they retire? Adding millennials to your company now can help fill the needs of the growth of your company for the future.

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