5 Questions to Ask a Recruiter

5 Questions to Ask a Recruiter

What happens when a job seeker posts the resume or contact information on job boards? They may receive a significant amount of recruiting calls. It is important to ask these top questions to determine if a recruiter is the right fit to assist you in your job search.

  • How long have you been in the recruiting business for?

This question is essential when you first speak to a recruiter. Jobvite.com states 30% of recruiters have tenure of 1 to 3 years. The longer a recruiter and their company is in the business, the better for a job seeker.

  • How many placements do you make per month?

How many placements a recruiter has made is a great question. This question will outline how many companies and candidates the recruiter works with. Just like sales employees, recruiters pay close attention to their numbers and placements so this should be an easy question for them to answer.

  • Tell me more about your staffing company.

Asking about the recruiter’s company can give you a better perspective on their background and how long their company has been in business. It is important that staffing companies have a good foundation and values that mission. As a candidate, you may be judged by the reputation of the staffing firm.

  • What types of companies do you usually work with?

If you are looking to get into a specific industry, ask the recruiter what types of companies they work with. Many recruiters will not give out the exact name of their client due to confidentiality, but they should be able to tell you key points about the company that will inform you. Ask for more information on their clients are how many companies they work with and what level of positions they fill.

  • What is the best way to communicate with you?

Your recruiter may have a specific time they like to have incoming update calls from their candidates. Some recruiters prefer to call you on the phone and some like to email. This question shows that you are flexible and are interested to work with them.

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