5 Key Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent

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5 Key Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent

As a corporate trainer we work with recently stated, the war on talent is over – talent won. Qualified candidates, especially recent graduates, are enjoying one of the best job markets in years. Bradley Staffing Group addressed some contributing factors to this in a recent blog post. In a 2016 First Round State of Startups survey, employers rated retention as their primary concern. Quit rates are also the highest they have been in about a decade, according to the recently released JOLT survey by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Offer them perks (Not the ones you think)

In our experience, as soon as hiring managers hear the words “job perks”, their thoughts immediately go to “Google-esque” perks like gourmet cafeterias and nap pods. A more practical, and employee-preferred approach is engaging your employees.  Demonstrating that you care about their opinions, work-life balance, and opportunity for career growth is often more highly valued than tangible extras. A 2016 Gallup survey revealed that 54% of disengaged employees would leave their current jobs for a raise of 20% or less.

Write a good job description

A SHRM article provides insight into how to do this by using what we’ll call the 3 C’s:

Be Clear – Provide specific requirements of the position including education, past experience and job skills, while also giving a genuine preview of the job.

Be Concise – The length of the posting does matter. 500-600 words translate to a 12-15% click-to-apply rate.

Be Consistent –Follow a basic formula including a description of the position and requirements, an explanation of specific duties, a brief description of the company and opportunity, and a brief note about benefits and intangibles.

Streamline your hiring process

According to ERE Media, a lengthy hiring process will cause you to lose valuable applicants and reduce applications. Candidates often view their first interactions with your organization as indicative of how you do business. In the age of social media, your external brand image can be negatively affected by evidence of a slow hiring process.

Prioritize Onboarding

A recent SHRM article referenced a 2007 study from the Wynhurst Group showing that newly hired employees are 58% more likely to remain with a company for at least three years when they experienced a structured onboarding process. Systematically integrating an employee into their new work environment shows them that you place high value on their success.

Partner with a reputable local staffing firm

You may be underestimating the role of an experienced recruiter as a trusted advisor in the hiring process. The job market is ever-changing and it is vital for employers to evolve and refine their practices in order to entice and keep key team members. At Bradley Staffing Group, we provide a range of other valuable services, including Retention Consulting that our clients find invaluable. According to a recent report by CBC Global, the average time it takes for a company to fill a position is 68 days. Our first quarter time to fill is 16 days. We can help you find A-level talent, quickly.


Bradley Staffing Group is a full-service staffing firm based in Wayne, PA. We are committed to matching A-level talent with best-in-class businesses. Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff brings a combined 70+ years of staffing experience to our clients and candidates alike. http://useful-sock.flywheelsites.com/employers/

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