4 Ways to Identify a Toxic Workplace Before You Accept an Offer

4 Ways to Identify a Toxic Workplace Before You Accept an Offer

A toxic work environment can make doing your job difficult and can take a serious toll on your wellbeing. It’s usually easy to know a toxic environment when you’re in one, but how can you spot a toxic workplace before you accept a job offer? It may be a little more difficult to identify, but there are a few red flags that can signal for you to think twice. Below are 4 ways to identify a toxic workplace before you accept a job offer.

Negative Employee Reviews

Websites like Glassdoor.com are designed to give the public a look at what life is like inside an organization. Glassdoor gives a platform for employees to voice their opinions on their employer as well as share benefits and salary information so that prospective employees can be informed before they make the decision to work there. If the company in question has many negative reviews that all have common themes and bring up similar issues, it may be indicative of a toxic work environment. Companies will sometimes try to hide their toxicity by forcing or falsifying reviews. While these can be convincing at times, it’s easy to spot when you compare the good reviews with the overwhelmingly negative reviews. If a high volume of positive reviews is entered in a short period of time, this can be a red flag. Always be sure to do your research and use tools like Glassdoor to get a sense of the work environment before you commit to a job that could end up being toxic.

Disorganized or Unprofessional Interview Process

A disorganized or unprofessional interview process can often be a sign that something isn’t right. Examples of this could be dismissiveness or rudeness throughout the hiring process, being asked questions but not being given time to ask questions of your own, or a hiring manager who doesn’t seem prepared for your interview. Difficulty with communication before the interview or during scheduling is also a big red flag. If a hiring manager is not responsive with you, or seems to drop off the face of the earth for days at a time, it is likely there is something wrong with their process. They could be overwhelmed due to high turnover, or their training might be inadequate. Both of these are signs of a toxic workplace that you’d be better off avoiding.

They are Rushing to Hire You

While a disorganized hiring process can be a red flag, a hiring process that doesn’t seem comprehensive or seems to shuffle you through too quickly can also be a big warning sign. Companies that experience high turnover will often rush through the hiring process because they are desperate to fill jobs. Unfortunately, by not taking the time to hire the right people, the cycle only continues. If at any point you feel that the employer is more concerned with hiring a warm body than with hiring you personally, it’s probably a good idea to take a second look. There is a big difference between a streamlined hiring process, and one that is simply rushed to fill empty positions.

There is Something Off About the Environment

When you visit the site during your interview it’s important to take note of the environment around you. Observe the way employees are behaving and communicating. Are they avoiding each other, not talking at all, arguing, or being disruptive to others? You should also note how employees respond to your presence. Do they ignore you or seem bored by a potential new team member? This could mean they are used to people being shuffled in and out of the office. Also think back to how the company culture was described in the job ad. If there’s a clear mismatch between the environment you witness and the one that was described, there’s a good chance they wrote the description to mislead you intentionally. This can be a big red flag when it comes to spotting a toxic work environment.

Examining the culture of your prospective workplace is essential. Always be wary of toxic work environments and be sure to do your research before you accept a job offer. You don’t want to respond to an exciting and promising job ad only to find yourself trapped in a toxic workplace.

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