4 Truths on Allowing a Work at Home Policy

4 Truths on Allowing a Work at Home Policy

According to Softchoice.com, 62% of employees say they’re more productive working outside of the office.


Below are 4 Truths on allowing a work at home policy:

  1. Workers may be more productive. Working from home allows people to work more productive hours outside of the normal 9:00 am – 5:00 pm corporate schedule. In many national and global businesses, this is essential to success.  A study written about in the Harvard Business Review found that remote employees started earlier, took shorter breaks, and worked until the end of the day with no commuting hassles.
  2. Your company may save money. Overhead costs for companies are very expensive. Providing office space, furniture, and supplies can cost thousands of dollars per employee. Working remotely can also help travel expenses per employee. You do not have to offer a higher pay rate to employees who work remotely for travel reasons because they are not traveling to the office every day.
  3. Turnover rates are lower. Companies offering flexible work day options often have lower turnover rates. This is because the employee feels they have more flexibility in their day and are less overwhelmed. The study in the Harvard Business Review stated, “They (remote employees) also quit at 50% of the rate of people who work in the office each day.” This can also be a way to hold on to top employees if they need flexibility due to a family obligation.
  4. You can hire top talent without worrying about location. When looking at candidates for your company you can widen your location search which widen your search area. Depending on how many days you would like this employee to be inside of the office and working remotely will determine your location hiring radius.

It is important to note, working remotely is not for every employee. It depends on the type of position, company, and person to determine if working remotely is a good fit. Your company can determine this during the interview process, conducting a personality test, behavioral interview questions and checking references where a candidate may have worked at home for a past employer.


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