4 Tips to get Call Backs from Good Headhunters


4 Tips to get Call Backs from Good Headhunters

According to Forbes, connecting with 3rd party recruiters (headhunters) is one of the top 6 methods to find a job after utilizing your personal network and looking on the job boards.  Many candidates who we interviewed have expressed their extreme frustrations over the hours of time spent on job boards with little to show for it.  Headhunters can be an excellent alternative by helping you by skipping many steps in the interview and application process and set you up to interview for a highly targeted position.  However, not all headhunters are created equal.  You may want to consider a more seasoned headhunter who has a more established client network and knows how to help place you in a specific job specialty.  Here are a few tips to make sure that you attract the “right” headhunters during your job search.

Research and Form a Relationship

A relationship with a headhunter can be as long as your career. It’s important to take the steps necessary to research which staffing agency is best suited for your career goals and skills. It’s up to you to find the right headhunter in your specialty. Successful headhunters are very busy and want to work with people they can place. Once you find a headhunter who specializes in placing candidates in your field of work, you should have a good response rate—something that can’t be promised by companies posted on job boards. Reach out with a personalized note and make the connection. Even if a headhunter might not be able to place you right away, they will still be glad to network with you and take your resume in case a job opens up for you in the future. Many headhunters work to fill under-the-radar jobs that are never posted online. By sending your resume and making connections with your local headhunters you ensure that you are not missing out on any unseen opportunities.

Update LinkedIN Profile

In our blog about the top LinkedIN pitfalls for job seekers, we talked about how common mistakes could be prevented in order to optimize your profile and increase your chances of finding a good opportunity. In our opinion, however, it’s not just about attracting headhunters but it’s about attracting the right headhunters. Having a strong and up-to-date LinkedIN profile is a good place to start. It’s important that you are catching the attention of the headhunters that can actually help you, rather than opening yourself up to be flooded by less legitimate recruiters and sometimes scammers. A good way to avoid that is to adjust your privacy settings to keep most of your information from public view. LinkedIN offers an option on your profile to “flip the switch” and let headhunters know you’re open to new opportunities. Headhunters who are looking for candidates with your skill set will be able to find you using paid headhunter accounts. Less legitimate agencies generally won’t pay for this service which means you are more likely to attract more qualified headhunters.

Present Yourself Professionally Online

According to a 2018 survey done by CareerBuilder, 70% of employers screen candidates on social media before hiring. This means it’s extremely important to manage your online presence in order to appear professional and attractive to employers and headhunters, especially on LinkedIN. Avoid controversy and political discussions on LinkedIN that could turn potential employers away. LinkedIN is a professional social network, and it should remain business and career-oriented. When it comes to your more personal accounts it’s a good idea to adjust your privacy settings so that your personal side is invisible to outsiders and those who could potentially be screening you. The impression you give online could make the difference between getting a call and getting swept under the rug.

Having a Solid Resume Ready

Sending a resume directly to a headhunter is a good way to get a call back. Make sure your resume has the most current and accurate information possible. It also might be a good idea to take the time to see how your resume can be improved. Even if you’ve used it successfully in the past, there may be simple ways for you to make it even better. There are plenty of resources available both online and offline that can help you understand what headhunters look for. You might also consider seeking professional help and consulting a resume writer. A strong resume makes for a strong foundation in a job search. When it’s time to start a job search it’s important that you have your resume prepared. A headhunter will usually ask for your resume right away, and if it hasn’t been updated or it’s not ready, it can give the impression that you are not serious about your job search.

Using job boards to find your next opportunity can be repetitive and extremely frustrating. Employers sometimes never respond to applicants because they are not equipped to handle the volume they receive. However, the right headhunter will almost always talk to you about your job history and career goals. Headhunters can help you find your next job without the discouragement of using a job board to apply to countless jobs you may never hear about again. Reaching out to the right staffing firm can only help your search, and you might walk away with a professional relationship that lasts your entire career.

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