4 Tips on Asking for a Raise (The Right Way)

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4 Tips on Asking for a Raise (The Right Way)

According to a survey published by USA Today, employers are expected to give slightly higher than average raises in 2019. This is due to the current labor market and the rising pressure to keep top employees. Asking for a raise can be intimidating, but it’s important to go about it the right way. Below are 3 quick tips on asking for a raise the right way.

Be a Top Performer

Employers are looking to give raises based on performance, so in order to get a raise you will need to be sure that you are a top performer for your team. An employee who takes on extra responsibility and contributes to the success of their company is more likely to get a raise than someone who is an average worker. Be sure that you are an employee your company would hate to lose. If you are, your employer is likely to reward your performance with a salary increase in order to keep you under their roof.

Have a Target Salary

Always have a specific number in mind before you ask. A study from Columbia Business School found that it’s best to give an exact number rather than a round number or estimate because it makes you seem informed. This in turn means it’s more likely for your employer to take your proposition seriously. Do some research on what the market salary is for a person with your job title and experience within your geographic location. This can help you to determine an appropriate increase while also keeping your expectations realistic.

Schedule a Meeting

It’s never a good idea to ask for a raise via email or over the phone. Make sure to ask your manager in person during a one-on-one meeting. Consider scheduling this meeting in advance, separate from your regular meeting times. This way your manager will not be caught off-guard, but rather they will expect to be discussing something important. When scheduling in advance, be mindful and avoid scheduling during busy or high-stress time. You don’t want to ask for a raise while your team is rushing to meet a deadline. You’ll have better luck if you know your manager has a moment to spare.

Explain why You Deserve it

When it comes to asking for a raise, it’s always best to focus on why you deserve it rather than why you need it. Employers look to give raises based on performance. Always highlight your accomplishments and bring attention to what you add to the team. This will help you to make a case for your value as an employee as well as why you deserve a raise. Avoid giving personal reasons as to why you need the money. It’s always better to focus on how you’ve earned it.

Always be prepared and do the necessary research before you ask for a raise. By identifying why you deserve one, you can approach the conversation more confidently. Always schedule a meeting in advance and know what you will say. By following these tips you are more likely to reach the outcome you desire.

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