4 Signs of and Employment Scam


4 Signs of and Employment Scam

According to the Better Business Bureau, employment scams are on the rise due to economic growth and the abundance of jobs. This year through October, more than 3,700 incidents were reported across the country which is double the number of reported incidents last year. This rise in fraudulent activity is cause for concern during a job search, and unfortunately, we see these scams becoming an issue for candidates. Below we have outlined the most recognizable signs of an employment scam so that you can steer clear of them in order to find your next job.

  1. Quick Onboarding

Scammers will try to rush to the onboarding process in order to access your personal information. Often these illegitimate companies will bypass the interview process altogether and offer the job right away. A fake employer will be less concerned with your qualifications for the job and more concerned with getting you to fill out paperwork. Never accept a job offer without meeting face-to-face, or at least speaking on the phone. It’s also worth noting that a job application should never ask for your social security number, birthdate, or banking information. A scammer might also ask for payment in order to cover application fees, supplies, training, or a uniform. Always be wary in these cases and be sure to do your research to avoid falling into these traps.

  1. Unprofessional E-mails

Beware of a company representative who e-mails you from anything other than a corporate e-mail address. Personal or public e-mail accounts as well as e-mail sent from a mobile device should be reason for concern when it comes to discussing employment. The lack of a corporate signature could also be a clue, as well as general e-mail etiquette. If a company representative fails to conduct themselves professionally through e-mail, it’s probably worth a second glance at the company’s website. Scammers are often less concerned with appearing polished than with getting access to your personal information.

  1. Suspicious Job Postings

Knowing the signs of a fake job posting will help you to avoid employment scams. Look out for jobs that have been posted over and over, or job postings that have been up for months at a time. These are indicators that the job hasn’t been filled and could be signs of an illegitimate job being used as a front to source victims. Job postings that are more focused on selling the job rather than the qualifications required for it should raise a red flag. When it comes to evaluating job descriptions, many of the same rules for avoiding high-turnover jobs apply to avoiding scams. Dramatic job descriptions with unrealistic benefits and filled with buzzwords can be a distraction from the reality of the job. Any job that requires you to “make an investment” or give any sort of payment should be avoided. Spelling and grammar mistakes are also giveaways. Be sure to always check the company’s profile before applying in order to verify its legitimacy.

  1. Company Doesn’t Check Out after Research

It’s important to do research on a company before you apply for a job. A legitimate company will have a verifiable online presence. Make sure the website looks professional and clearly communicates the company’s mission. The lack of a website or company profile should be a signal that the business is not reputable. Pay close attention to reviews for the company on Glassdoor. Low ratings can be indicative of a scam, and some reviews might even be outright warnings against applying. The FTC recommends checking the Better Business Bureau for any complaints that may have been filed about a company.

Due to the rising activity in the current job market, employment scams are on the rise. It’s essential to understand the signs of a scam and know when to back away from a job offer that might be fraudulent. Sometimes identifying an employment scam is not as obvious as one might think. As long as you do the proper research on the company and verify their credibility, you will be able to avoid scams and land a legitimate job at the end of your search.

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