4 Reasons Every CEO Needs a Great Assistant


4 Reasons Every CEO Needs a Great Assistant

Time is everything when it comes to business, and negotiating habits to optimize your time can be challenging. An executive assistant could be the answer. Such support can be invaluable to the growth of your business as they work to save you time so that you can focus your energies on the most important tasks. Below are four of the biggest reasons to hire the right assistant.

1. Outsource your Communications

The Harvard Business Review conducted a study of 27 CEOs over three months and found that checking and responding to email took up close to 24% of their time. An assistant can manage your email for you so that you can reclaim those hours and spend your time on more important projects. An executive assistant will also screen your calls so that you’re not losing valuable time answering sales calls or making appointments. An assistant knows your schedule and can make appointments or schedule meetings on your behalf. By outsourcing your communications to an assistant, you can focus 24% more of your time on building your business.

2. Increase your Hourly Rate

An assistant is not distracted by other tasks because their only job is to support you. This means that they will always be available to you whenever something crops up. An assistant can handle administrative tasks that would normally take away from your time. In this way an assistant can help increase your productivity and allow you to focus on bigger-picture tasks that grow your business. It is worth paying the rate of an assistant in order to increase the value of your time. According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. If you focus on high value activities, it will pay off dramatically.

3. Keep You on Schedule/Anticipate Your Needs

At times your schedule can be hectic and your days become completely booked with meetings, calls, and travel. It can be easy to fall behind or become overwhelmed. An executive assistant will help you keep pace with your busy schedule. They can remind you and keep you on track with meetings, handle upcoming cancellations or invitations, and can even sit in on meetings or calls in your place. A really good assistant will look ahead to anticipate your needs and have the ability to know what you need before you have to ask. This will allow you to focus on large scale and critical business issues.

4. Manage Your Desk While You Travel

Frequent travel doesn’t have to mean that things slow down back at home base. An executive assistant can manage your desk and continue to screen calls, respond to e-mails, and coordinate your schedule. You’ll always have a point of contact back at home to access your office and handle urgent situations. A great assistant can often be trusted to make decisions about business operations on your behalf. This means you’re not returning to an unmanageable mountain of work when you return from your trip, and you can rest assured that business will continue to run smoothly in your absence.

An executive assistant is there to make your life and work easier. A great assistant can simplify your day-to-day responsibilities and keep you from being overwhelmed by your schedule. An efficient assistant can improve your efficiency as well and keep you and your business on track.

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