4 More Hiring Trends to Watch in 2020 (Part 2)

4 More Hiring Trends to Watch in 2020 (Part 2)

Staying up to date on the current trends and patterns in today’s hiring market is important when it comes to being a competitive employer and finding the best talent for your company. In case you missed it, read Part One of this article for more hiring trends to look for. Below are 4 more trends that are likely to affect your business in 2020.

Technology/Automation to Improve Processes

Technology is always improving and we expect this trend to play a big role in hiring in 2020. Using technology to automate certain aspects of a job can help increase the efficiency and streamline your hiring process. Automation can also replace the need to hire for certain roles and make your existing workers more efficient. According to an article from Forbes, automation can handle up to 45% of repetitive work. This gives your workers more time to focus on higher-value tasks that utilize skills like problem-solving and creativity. Technology and automation can improve productivity and fuel company growth. It can also contribute to more satisfied employees who spend less time doing repetitive tasks that can lead to burn-out.

Skills & Potential will Outweigh Experience

According to a report from SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), 83% of HR professionals have indicated a growing skills gap and 52% have said it has worsened in the past 2 years. This skills gap can be defined as a shortage of workers with the skills required to fill a job. As the labor shortage deepens the skills gap, it means that qualified candidates are harder than ever to find. Employers will need to be flexible with experience requirements in an effort not to disqualify any candidates with the skills necessary to fill a position. This could mean hiring a less experienced employee who has the skills and training you are looking for. The popularity of skills testing before hiring will continue to rise as the importance of skills begins to outweigh other aspects of an employee’s qualifications. Skills testing can help guarantee the job-related skills of candidates before they are hired for the job.

Personality Based Hiring for Company Culture

One trend to watch in 2020 is personality-based hiring. Hiring for personality ensures that your company culture remains consistent and cohesive which in turn can create an overall better and more desirable work environment for employees. A great way to make sure you are targeting the right candidates is to use personality profiling software. This can help you to judge how much your candidates align with your existing workforce culture and will allow you to evaluate whether or not they’re a great match. Another way to make sure there is a fit is to consider hiring employees on a temporary-to-hire basis. This allows you to have a good test run and make sure your new-hire meshes well within the culture of your company before you commit to hiring them full time.

Emphasis on Flexibility Benefits

More candidates are seeking flexibility benefits including work from home opportunities as well as flexible hours and time off policies. According to a 2019 survey by the International Workplace Group, 80% of candidates would choose a job offer that came with flexibility over an offer that did not. In addition, 85% of businesses responded that productivity actually increased in their workplace due to more flexibility. According to our Fall 2019 Local Candidate Survey, flexible hours/schedule was ranked as the #1 most important benefit to candidates in our area. This was closely followed by PTO and work from home benefits. This flexibility greatly contributes to a healthy work-life balance which keeps employees happy and engaged. According to a TinyPulse survey, employees who rate their work-life balance poorly are 90% more likely to leave their job. By offering these perks on the front end, you can be sure to attract good candidates as well as keep them.

As January comes to a close, businesses are looking ahead to the new year in front of them. By staying up to date on hiring trends, companies have the opportunity prepare for the year by adjusting their policies and processes. Being current and on top of hiring trends will help you to attract and hire the best possible candidates.

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