4 Key Ways to Save Money in your Hiring Process

4 Key Ways to Save Money in your Hiring Process

Here are 4 key ways to save money during your hiring process:

  1. Research and complete personality profiles. Personality profiles shouldn’t be the entire hiring decision, but can greatly increase the chance of someone being successful in a role. Finding the right person the first time saves money. $4,000 is the average costs that employers will pay to hire an employee according to the Society for Human Resource Management. 
  2. Tap into referral networks before posting your job on the job boards. Many companies find that referrals are the top way they are able to find new talent. Posting jobs can be very expensive. Many sites now charge you even if a person clicks on your ad. Even if you receive 100+ resumes, you are not guaranteed to find a candidate who is the right fit. When posting a position on a job board, you are only seeing a small part of the job market.
  3.  Define your interview process with timelines. Have a set number of interviews, 2 rounds max. Ensure that everyone in the process is in town and available to interview. Many of the top candidates will be put off from an overly long interview process. Top candidates often receive multiple offers and they may be gone before you have a chance to make an offer.
  4.  Invest in company branding. The top candidates want to work for top companies. Make sure that your website and online brand are current. The top candidates will research before they apply. Especially after filling multiple positions, an investment in branding will really start to pay off. Be aware of your online reputation, check major review sites.

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