4 Common Thank-You Note Pitfalls (2 of 2)

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4 Common Thank-You Note Pitfalls (2 of 2)

Candidates often struggle with one of the most important steps of the interview process: the thank-you note. A thank-you note is an opportunity to put a spotlight on your candidacy and address any doubts that may have cropped up during the interview. Our last tip sheet included 3 common thank-you note pitfalls. Here we’ve gathered 4 more in order to help you avoid these mistakes and write a solid thank-you note that will help get you hired over your competition.

Forgetting to Sell Yourself

While it’s important to use a thank-you note to express your gratitude and interest in working for a company, it’s equally important to use it to make your case for consideration. Use this chance to clearly explain why an employer should want to hire you over other candidates. This should usually be done in a sentence or two to avoid making your thank-you note too long. A good thank-you note should be concise and relatively quick to read, bearing in mind that your interviewer is probably very busy at this time. Remember to avoid using “I” statements and get creative with your phrasing. By using this opportunity to sell yourself to the company, you have a chance to stand out from the competition.

Rushing Through

A thank-you note should be treated like an audition. It is a frequently neglected step in the interview process that is just as important for making a good impression and building rapport. An interviewer will look at your thank-you note as a writing sample and evaluate it for professionalism and style. Always proofread your thank-you note carefully before sending so as to avoid typos and grammatical mistakes that could leave a bad impression. A polished thank-you note free from typos will show that you have good attention to detail and know how to communicate professionally.

Not Addressing Doubts

Sometimes concerns about experience or job history can crop up during an interview. Other times you might not answer a question in the most favorable way. Mistakes happen, especially under pressure, but a thank-you note can be a perfect opportunity to smooth out any wrinkles. Use a thank-you note as a second chance to fix interview blunders by giving a more thoughtful answer to a question that may have raised some concerns. Address any doubts directly before making your case. Ignoring these concerns and hoping for the best could cost you the job. Transparency and honesty are key to leaving a good impression.

Closing the Conversation

Many candidates forget to invite the interviewer to contact them in the future. Your thank-you note should not seem like the end of the conversation while you wait for a decision to be reached. Instead, include your contact information and welcome any future questions or concerns. By asking for questions, you can become aware of doubts an interviewer may have about hiring you and address them. Be sure that you aren’t closing off communication with the interviewer at the end of the process, but rather you are opening up to build connections. This is a great way to showcase your communication skills.

A thank-you note can be an integral part of the interview process. It’s your chance to showcase your skills and to thank your interviewer for taking the time to consider you for the job. Falling into these common pitfalls could hinder your chances of leaving a lasting impression. Sending a well-written and thoughtful thank-you note can help you stand out from the competition and improve your chances of receiving an offer.

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