4 Big Risks in Accepting a Counter Offer


4 Big Risks in Accepting a Counter Offer

When you plan to leave your job for a better situation, your employer may meet your attempted resignation with a counter offer in order to encourage you to stay. However, accepting such an offer is a risk to your career in many ways. Below are 4 big risks associated with accepting a counter offer and staying with your old employer.

1. Your Situation May Not Improve

According to national statistics, 75%-90% of those who accept a counter offer quit within 6 months. This is a good indicator that whatever is promised in your counter offer can not always solve the root problems that cause employees to leave. While your employer may offer you a raise, this could simply be in order to avoid the cost of finding and hiring your replacement. If your reasons for leaving included factors like a long commute, lack of growth, poor benefits, or bad management, they are unlikely to be resolved after you accept a counteroffer. A counter offer may be a temporary solution for your dissatisfaction, but it is unlikely to change the underlying factors that caused you to open a job search in the first place.

2. Burning a Bridge with your Prospective Employer

By accepting a counter offer you end up burning a bridge with the employer who was ready to hire you. It takes time and resources to screen candidates and prepare for their onboarding. When you accept a counter offer at the last minute, it gives the impression that you were not that serious about your prospects with a new company and they are unlikely to consider you for a role in the future. This decision may follow you. Your reputation is extremely important, and that manager who you just turned down an offer from could be the hiring manager at your next potential employer. This is a big risk, especially considering the fact that you may be leaving your current company within 6 months anyway.

3. Awkwardness Surrounding Your Loyalty

Even if a counter offer is presented and accepted, your employer will remember that you almost left for another opportunity. It’s possible that your employer was already looking for someone to replace you which could jeopardize your job stability. You may also be overlooked for promotions, projects, and raises because your employer may assume you are still looking for work somewhere else. Once the counter offer is made to keep you, your employer will no longer be completely certain about how long you plan to stay with the company.

4. Losing the Chance for Career Development

Sometimes the best thing for your career is a change of scenery. When you move into a new role you have the opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn new skills from fresh management and employee development programs. A new job also expands your professional networking potential and presents an opportunity to make valuable connections from within a new place of business. Paired with a stable job history, moving to a new job can be viewed as a positive step that shows you are interested in moving forward with your career. Settling for a counter offer can greatly hinder this growth and may slow down your career advancement in the future.

While accepting a counter offer may seem like an easier solution than switching jobs, it should generally be considered as a temporary fix. Your situation may not change despite what your employer promises, and you could be giving up a valuable opportunity for growth. It’s important to understand the risks and to weigh the pros and cons before settling and accepting a counter offer.

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