3 Ways Hiring Inadequate Managers Will Sink your Company

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3 Ways Hiring Inadequate Managers Will Sink your Company

Hiring good managers is important to the health of your business. Management has a great effect on employees and your ability to retain them. By hiring inadequate managers, you greatly limit your company’s productivity and opportunity for growth while creating additional risk related to costly hiring decisions. Below are 3 ways an inadequate manager will sink your company.

1. Lower Employee Satisfaction & Increased Quit Rate

One of the biggest reasons good management should be valued is because it helps to retain good employees. An inadequate manager could greatly hurt employee satisfaction. A report by TinyPulse as well as data from our September 2018 Local Candidate Survey lists poor management as the number one reason employees quit their jobs. Employees who rate their supervisor’s performance poorly are 4x as likely to be job hunting and only 10% would rate their supervisor highly. Managers who are negative or disconnected from the team can seriously harm morale. Good managers are attentive, reward good work, and can act as a coach to drive engagement. The manager that you hire could make the difference between retaining great employees and driving away your best talent.

2. Lower Employee Engagement & Productivity

Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report says 85% of employees are not engaged at work, causing approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity. According Gallup, 70% of a team’s engagement depends on the manager. Gallup attributes this to factors including employee perception, manager engagement, and manager talent. Employees are more motivated to work for a manager they find likeable, hardworking, and skilled. Employees who work for highly engaged managers are 59% more likely to be engaged themselves. Managers with highly evolved management talent and coaching skills can achieve 27% higher revenue per employee than average.

3. Creating Costly Hiring Mistakes

It’s important to hire managers who are capable of hiring good employees. This skill in your management team can help you to avoid costly hiring mistakes. Because inadequate managers tend to be poor decision-makers or can be slow to act, there is a risk of bringing on candidates who not up to standard. Hiring an inadequate manager could lead to sloppy candidate screening as well as more decisions based on bias. A study from the Kellogg School of Management found that managers tend to hire employees that are similar to themselves. This means inadequate management could lead to inadequate employees.

Your management team contributes to many aspects of your business, including the satisfaction and engagement of your employees, the cohesiveness of your teams, and the quality of the people your managers hire. By prioritizing good management, you improve the health of your business. You can trust good your managers to lead effectively, make good decisions, and keep your best talent under your roof. Inadequate management is a huge risk to your business in a competitive market.

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