3 Reasons Not to Wait for the Perfect Candidate


3 Reasons Not to Wait for the Perfect Candidate

It may be tempting to hold out for the absolute perfect candidate, but in the current market it’s important to understand the importance of compromise. Below are our best 3 reasons why you shouldn’t wait for the perfect candidate—and why you should hire a great one instead.

Longer Interview Processes Lead to Lower Quality Hires

The best candidates won’t wait around through a long interview process. It’s a candidate’s market and they will likely have competing offers. In our experience the best candidates receive offers in 2-3 weeks. Bersin HR Insights reports that the best candidates are off the market within 10 days. If you don’t hire quickly, your access to the best people on the market will be very limited. A long process can frustrate candidates and lead to poor candidate experience. According to The Harris Poll, 62% of candidates would prefer the entire hiring process to last fewer than 2 weeks. A great candidate won’t take the time to jump through hoops when they have other opportunities in their back pocket.

Perfect Candidates Don’t Exist

By being overly selective and inflexible about your requirements, you end up disqualifying great candidates just because they don’t perfectly fit the list. The truth is, perfect candidates don’t exist—and neither do perfect companies. It’s important to prioritize the qualifications that are absolutely necessary for the job, and identify the ones that you can be flexible with. It may also be worth examining your existing workforce to identify which skills and characteristics would be complimentary. It’s also helpful to quantify the qualifications. If a candidate scores 4/5, it’s a good hire. A reputable recruiting firm will be able to help you do this, as well as identify a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Some weaknesses are easier to improve upon than others, and a recruiter will be able to help you identify the stronger candidates.

Salaries are Sky High

With a national unemployment rate of 3.6% and a record number of 7.4 million open jobs, the labor market is extremely tight. There are now more open jobs than unemployed people in the United States, and the remaining unemployed often don’t have the skills to fill the positions. This skills gap means there are fewer qualified candidates to choose from and you can’t always afford to be excessively selective in your hiring. With rising salaries, compromise with hiring is a must. Salaries are rising high above many budgets and in reality, you may not be able to a candidate who meets 100% of your qualifications.

Waiting for the perfect candidate can be costly. It’s important not to disqualify great candidates just because they don’t perfectly fit the list of requirements. Instead, it’s best to hire strategically. A great candidate can be trained to make up for what they lack, and an experienced recruiter will work with you to find the best possible fit for the job.

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