3 Questions You Ask That Can Ruin Your Interview


3 Questions You Ask That Can Ruin Your Interview

Asking good questions during an interview can increase your chances of getting hired. On the contrary, asking the wrong questions can severely hurt your chances and leave the interviewer with a bad impression. The following are three questions to avoid asking for the sake of your interview success.

                What Does the Company Do?

This question shows you haven’t done your research and could seriously hurt your chances of landing the job. It’s essential to go into an interview informed about the company, leadership, and competition. If an interviewer finds that you don’t have knowledge about the company it’s sure to leave them with a bad impression. Always take time to learn about the company’s mission, culture, and competition. Search for the company’s name in the news to ensure you’re up to date on the business’s position in the current market. Being educated about the company shows that you’re truly interested in working there. In our experience, many companies will disqualify candidates who don't do their research.

                What are the Requirements for the Job?

Always read the job description thoroughly before going into an interview. Asking this question implies you haven’t read the job posting or advertisement and assessed your own qualifications for the job. An interviewer might question why you’re interviewing for a job you know nothing about. Part of being prepared for an interview is using your resources to familiarize yourself with the job you are trying to get. It’s okay to ask specific questions about job responsibilities and address specific requirements, but always have a firm understanding of the role beforehand. If you’ve applied for more than one job and you’re having trouble keeping them straight, consider keeping a spreadsheet to stay organized.

                How Quickly Can I Get a Raise/Promotion?

You don’t want it to seem like you’re only interested in the job for the compensation or how quickly you can increase the compensation offered for the position. This indicates that you are dissatisfied by the amount offered for the job and may not be a stable candidate in the role. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average entry-level worker only stays in a role for 3 years. It’s okay to address salary expectations and opportunities for growth and promotion, but understand that most of the time a promotion will depend on your job performance rather than a guaranteed timeline.  

Be careful when it comes to approaching these three questions. Asking the wrong questions can easily ruin your interview—no matter your qualifications. Always be sure to ask a good mix of thoughtful questions at the end of an interview in order to leave your interviewer with the best possible impression.

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