3 Common Thank-You Note Pitfalls (1 of 2)

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3 Common Thank-You Note Pitfalls (1 of 2)

Sending a thank-you note after an interview is an important step that candidates often neglect. A thank-you note can help you stand out from your competition, show your interest in the position, and leave a positive impression. A thank-you note should be an opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight instead of just going through the motions. We have gathered a list of common pitfalls in order to offer our professional advice on how to avoid them. A stellar thank-you note could improve your chances of getting an offer over your competition.

Poor Timing

Timing really is everything when it comes to the process of acquiring a new job. Response time is important whether it’s for confirming an interview or following up afterward. A thank-you note shouldn’t be put off for too long. It could give an interviewer the impression that you aren’t very interested in the job, or that you procrastinate. If a thank-you note isn’t sent in a timely manner, an employer might move forward with a different candidate during that time. We recommend sending a thank-you note the evening of or morning after an interview. This shows that you are excited about an opportunity but have also taken the time to write a thoughtful follow-up.

Too Generic

A thank-you note that is too general might raise suspicion that it’s been re-used or reworded to fit the situation. It’s always best to be as specific as possible in a thank-you note. Address it specifically to your interviewer and use the company name. Incorporate specific topics that were discussed during the interview or even quote something that was said. This shows that you’ve taken the time to reflect on the interview and tailor the thank-you note around the conversation. We have heard this feedback recently from several of our clients. A customized thank-you note will always go over better than a generic form letter.

Overusing “I”

One of the most common mistakes we see with thank-you notes is the overuse of “I” statements. While it’s acceptable to begin one or two sentences with “I” we do not recommend more than that. Too many sentences beginning with “I” can be repetitive to read and can come off as selling too hard. A thank-you note should be more about the interview and your interest in the position rather than a list of your qualifications. You can switch up your wording to avoid beginning sentences with “I” in order to give a better impression.

In order to leave a lasting impression with your interviewer and land the job, a thank-you note is extremely important. What may seem like a small and simple courtesy can really affect the way an employer perceives you. Taking the time to get this step right could win you the offer over someone else. It’s essential to use every possible opportunity to impress a potential employer and avoid falling into the common pitfalls that can hurt your chances of getting a job offer.

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