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November 2016

5 Questions to Ask a Recruiter

What happens when a job seeker posts the resume or contact information on job boards? They may receive a significant amount of recruiting calls. It is important to ask these top questions to determine if a recruiter is the right fit to assist you in your job search. How long have you been in the recruiting business for? This question is essential when you first speak to a recruiter. states 30% of recruiters have tenure of 1 to 3 years....

Top 5 Ways to Manage Overtime Costs

On December, 1st, 2016, a new federal overtime law will be implemented. Overtime claims and lawsuits are expected to skyrocket. Here are a few ways to protect yourself as an employer. Use a time management software Time management software will allow you to accurately track the hours of your employees. A timeclock or web-based time tracking system will allow you to record written proof of hours worked, which will allow you to defend yourself in an overtime dispute. This will also...

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