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August 2016


5 Reasons You Need to Hire Millennials NOW

We meet with many companies who do not have an effective strategy for hiring and retaining millennial employees. Millennials officially makeup 53% of the labor workforce and not having such strategies in place will effectively cut off access to over half of the entire job market. Here are a few tips to help with your hiring strategy. Tech Savvy Millennials’ learning curve for technology is not steep. Millennials have been working on workplace technology skills since elementary school. Millennials do not remember...


How to Answer Salary Expectation Questions

You’re in the 3rd and final interview in the interviewing process and all of the sudden; the interviewer drops the dreaded “what are your salary expectations?” What do you do? What do you tell them? Below we share how to answer salary expectation questions:   Be honest, but be realistic In the current market, the normal increase from job to job is 5% to 8%. If you’re making a level change, such as going from assistant manager to manager, that percentage will change...

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